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About us

The Architectural Conservation Laboratory of the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation is dedicated to training and research in the conservation of the built environment. This specialized facility provides a unique intellectual environment for those pursuing studies in architectural conservation and historic building technology.

The Laboratory encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration on contemporary issues related to the conservation of culturally significant buildings, monuments, and sites throughout the world. Through grants and sponsored projects, the faculty and staff of the Historic Preservation Program, in collaboration with other University centers such as the Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter and the Cartographic Modeling Laboratory, conduct a full agenda of research dedicated to field survey, recording, analysis of building materials, treatments, and evaluation of historic structures.

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Contact Information
Frank Matero, Director, Architectural Conservation Laboratory
210 South 34th Street
115 Meyerson Hall
Philadelphia PA 19104-6311
Telephone: 215 898 3169
Fax: 215 573 6326
Email: pennhspv@design.upenn.edu