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Or may not have, or what physical, environmental, and emotional factors may be contributing to your symptoms. What you describe sounds more like what we call "affective instability" that bipolar disorder, although it may be nothing of the sort. And of course there are people whose symptoms do not fit neatly into any psychiatric diagnostic category, psychiatric diagnoses being what they are. Reply delete gamermom april 4, 2012 11:06 pm this is a really interesting blog. This is the first post i have read of yours, but i appreciate how easy it is to read for a layperson. I found this post because i was searching for rapid mood cycling. Most of what i find for rapid mood cycling is related to bipolar disorder. In college i had an episode where in the space of about 10 minutes or so i went from really happy to crying, to paranoid that there were monsters outside my window, to wanting to punch my boyfriend who was there with me. It scared me a lot because they did not feel like my emotions. viagra online overnight Shortly after that i went to the campus mental health clinic and spoke with the psychologist there. He didn't speak very good english and only met me for about 30 minutes, but he said i had rapid mood cycling and prescribed prozac. generic viagra buy online No one said anything about bipolar disorder. That was many years ago. I recently saw a therapist. When i told her about the rapid mood cycling she seemed somewhat concerned and said that was was close to borderline personality disorder. So i am confused. I know you can't speak for what another doctor diagnostic, but do you know if the lexicon back in 2002 for rapid mood cycling meant bipolar or borderline personality disorder or something else? Reply delete replies david m. Allen m. D. April 5, 2012 8:02 pm hi gamermom, back in 2002, just as today, "rapid mood cycling" among many (incompetent) psychiatrists meant "i am calling this bipolar disorder even though it does not come close to meeting the accepted duration criteria. " however, a lot of therapists and other psychiatrists also knew then that the description was mostly being applied to misdiagnosed patients who had borderline personality disorder, among other possibilities. buy viagra 50mg Delete reply anonymous april 6, 2012 12:19 am today, i have been diagnosed with rapid cycling bipolar disorder. buy cheap generic viagra online I am willing to indulge the idea that something about me is not quite "normal". buy cheap generic viagra online In 1994 a psychiatrist told my mother i had a chemical imbalance i was 16 now 32. Today, i pleaded with my doctor please do not diagnose me with this disorder unless you are absolutely sure i have it, so after finding out that there are doctors out that don't even believe that the disorder exist, i am quit upset. I said to him can this be a reaction to all of the traumatic events that have offered in my life, my up bring/environment. buy cheap generic viagra online He said no and prescribed depakote the side effects of this medication seem to be worse than the disorder itself. overnight cheap viagra I do have extremely severe mood swings! viagra overnight shipping I have been promiscuous and engaged in risky behavior. I am educated and am well aware of the risk but chose to engaged in the behavior anyways. I can be extremely violent. buy cheap generic viagra online Repetitious noise seems to bother me a lot. I do occasionally cry for no apparent reason. Thank you, susie reply delete replies david m. Allen m. D. April 6, 2012 10:09 am anonymous, obviously i can't offer you a diagnosis in this forum, but if you had a traumatic upbringing, engaged in risky behavior clearly knowing it was risky, and seem to cry for no reason at all (i bet there is, in fact, a reason), then you owe it to yourself to get a second (or even a third) opinion if you can. And ask the doctor if your mood swings meet the duration criteria for manic and/or depressive episodes according to the current dsm standard. Depression - minimum two weeks straight, all day every day, no matter what is going on in your life. Mania - seven days, all day every day, no matter what is going on in your life. "hypomania" - four days, all day every day. And all these moods states should be markedly different from the way you feel normally. online purchase viagra Delete reply anonymous april 7, 2012 4:59 pm in 2004 i was diagnosed with menopausal depression. Went on psyche meds for 3 weeks was myself so i went off meds by 3months. viagra pills for sale Same month in 2005 i went down again and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I take seroquel, an anti phyc, and trileptal, an anticonvulsant. Both worked for me for 7 years. Now at 58 in 2012, the same month as 7 years ago, i went down into a bad depression. discount generic viagra online My doc upped my meds by hundred mgs each. First the seroquel from two hundredmgs to cccmgs a day. buy cheap generic viagra online After 5 weeks nothing still depression bad. Then she upped the trileptal from 600mgs a day to 900mgs. After 2 1/2 weeks i have first after 2 days on the increase trileptal and increased seroquel i was good, more myself. Then went higher, too high by the 5th day. Then i went down again for 2 days then high more myself for 3 days. Then for 5 days i was low. Now for the past 2 days i am high but not more myself, uneasy high but not manic high. Would you consider this rapid cycling? I am so confused and just want to be better, myself. The amazing thing is i knew exactly the day i was sick. And in 2005 i knew exactly the moment i was well again. I just turned to my husband and said i am myself again and stayed that way for 7 years on the meds. Mental illness is so confusing. Before i got sick i was an advocate for the mentally ill. I volunteered for 27 years at the local state hospital. When this happened to me i totally started thinking, did i catch th. Partners
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